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The Guide to Buying Your Hawai'i Home

We invite you to join a long list of buyers who have successfully navigated their home purchases by utilizing our highly skilled team of trusted advisors. We have helped 100’s of people in the area buy their new home and are confident that this will be a wonderful journey that will end in success for you as well!

Here we have compiled some helpful and essential information; all geared toward your goal of a successful purchase:

The Home Buying Process

Here is a brief overview of what it takes to buy a home.

Get Pre-Approved

In the current real estate market, being pre-approved is necessary to show the seller that you are able and ready to purchase a home. In order to get pre-approved, you need to apply with a local lender and get a credit check. Your agent can recommend a trusted, local lender to you.

House Hunting

Now, this is the fun part. After determining your budget and home buying needs, we will strategically source properties that fit your criteria and tour those you're interested in. As yout agent, I will do my very best to exhaust every effort in finding your dream home.

Offer Accepted

We're almost there! Once we’ve found the perfect fit for you and your family, we will prepare an offer together and present it to the seller. From there, we will begin negotiations so that I can advocate on your behalf to create a deal that is most beneficial for you.

Inspections | Appraisals | Financing

When your offer is accepted, our timeline begins. In this stage we will navigate home inspections, title work, secure homeowners insurance, appraisals, and work alongside your mortgage broker to secure your financing.

Welcome Home

In this final step you will deliver the remaining fund needed for purchase to the escrow company, complete a final walkthrough of the home, order utilities, and prepare for your move.

Buyer's Timeline

When we find your perfect home, we will write an offer. Once it’s proofread and signed, we will present it to the seller. If the seller accepts and signs it, we are officially in escrow.

We will submit your lender’s pre-approval letter and proof of funds to the seller. You’ll also need to make an earnest money deposit. This typically ranges from $1,000 to $40,000, scaling with th

Commonly referred to as a Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Statement, or SRPDS, the seller is required by law to disclose several items about the condition and character of the property.

Most buyers will hire a home inspector, a generalist who evaluates the safety and function of the home’s components. These typically range in cost from about $350 to about $800, and the buyer owes payment

In Hawai’i, the inspection period provides buyers with a get-out-of-jail-free card. If buyers want to cancel for any reason during this time, they can do so and get a full refund of earnest money deposits.

If the property is in a homeowners association (HOA), then the seller will deliver the associated governing documents to the buyer for the buyer’s review.

If you are using a loan to purchase the home, the bank will hire an appraiser on the buyer’s behalf (and expense) to inspect the property and determine its value.

If the property is a single family home or land, normally the seller will pay for a survey to be completed. The survey will show the boundaries of the property and will highlight any encroachments.

In the first few days of the escrow period, the buyer will select a termite inspector who will investigate the home and produce a report showing any termite infestation that may be present.

Once the lender decides if you can pay off the loan and if the property is suitable collateral for the loanthey’ll issue a CLA, which the buyer will provide to the seller as assurance that the transaction will close.

About 5 days or so after CLA, the lender will provide another letter giving final loan approval. Around the same time, the buyers should move the remainder of their down payment.

The buyer will do one last walk-through to make sure the property is in its expected condition. The lender and escrow will prepare a large pile of documents for the buyer to sign.

Most transactions in Hawai’i take about 45 days to complete, but there is a lot of variation. In Hawai’i, escrow submits the deed — which transfers the property from seller to buyer — and other documents to Hawai’i’s Bureau of Conveyances (BOC).


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